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Camfil Ltd
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Tel: 01706 238000
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Camfil is a global leader in the air filtration industry with more than half a century of experience in developing and manufacturing sustainable clean air solutions that protect people, processes and the environment against harmful airborne particles, gases and emissions. These solutions are used globally to benefit human health, increase performance and reduce energy consumption in a wide range of air filtration applications. 

Camfil UK manufactures our wide range of products from our production facility in Haslingden, we also have a full site service department that can assist you in a range of different services from Filter Installation and RemovalAir Handling Plant AssessmentsIndoor Air MonitoringDuct CleaningHEPA filter validation and Installation to a full range of Kitchen Extract Cleaning

How Clean is your indoor air? Camfil series of patented air cleaners and air purifiers have the most efficient HEPA filter, they act as a complement to your existing ventilation system and provide reduced energy costs, more efficient production and a healthier working environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles.

Let Camfil come to you and analyse the quality of your air. Our test will reveal how many particles it contains and how you can reduce them significantly, after the analyse we will also recommend the optimum Air Cleaner solution for your business.