Carel UK Ltd

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Carel UK Ltd
2 Roebuck Place
110 Roebuck Road
Chessington, Surrey
KT9 1EU (Click for map)

Tel: 020 8391 3540
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CAREL is a world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. We design our products to bring energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machinery and systems.
Our solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

pCO sistema and c.pCO Sistema are the solutions CAREL offers for managing HVAC/R applications and systems; programmable controllers, user interfaces, gateways and communication interfaces, and remote management systems offer a HVAC/R a control system that is powerful yet flexible, can be easily interfaced to the more widely-used Building Management Systems, and can also be integrated into proprietary supervisory systems.

CAREL has always developed and promoted evolved control systems, proposing innovative solutions in the HVAC/R sector. These are our “high efficiency solutions”, a clear response for environmental protection through optimised and integrated control systems, capable of bringing significant energy savings and consequently reducing environmental impact.