Eco-Airvent Ltd

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Eco-Airvent Ltd
Suite 1
11-12 St James's Square
SW1Y 4LB (Click for map)

Tel: 01234 910844
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Eco-Airvent products have been manufactured in the UK since 2011 (Changed name from Eco-Acoustics in October 2015) and use cutting edge design to produce robustly engineered commercial ventilation products, including Patented heat recovery units, with exceptionally LOW energy use. All our products are engineered to exceed building regulations and in many cases can help achieve building compliance.


We manufacture a wide range of mechanical and natural ventilation products installed in a wide range of commercial applications ranging from office developments to schools.


Many of the London Boroughs regulary install our twin extract fans to replace exiting fans due to low energy costs that result in huge running cost savings. Our first twin fans installed 5 years ago are still going strong - running 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We have not had a fan failure in any of our twin or single fans since we started manufacture in 2011.