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EcoCooling Ltd
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EcoCooling is a UK company established in 2002 providing an energy efficient and low carbon alternative to air conditioning. The EcoCooling Evaporative cooling system can reduce energy costs by 90% compared to traditional air conditioning systems without the use of refrigerants.  Suitable for both retrofit and new builds this simple low carbon technology can provide 35kW of cooling from 1.5kW of electricity providing a return on investment in less than 3 years  and under 1 year for energy intensive applications like data centres (see below).  This technology can be used in most buildings including factories, warehouses, schools, retail outlets, offices and server rooms.

A selection of case studies can be viewed on our web site at

The EcoCooling system is a mechanical ventilation system which uses the evaporation of water to provide cooling to maintain a constant flow of fresh cool air.  During warm periods evaporative cooling is used to cool the air before it enters the building. For details of how evaporative cooling works see

The internal environment is monitored continuously by the EcoCooling Control system which automatically alters the fan speed of the coolers and controls the extract to provide compliant conditions within the building. The control systems link into any existing BMS system.


The EcoCooling CREC (Computer Room Evaporative Cooler) has been designed specifically for data centres complying with both ASHRAE and manufacturer standards. It has typically an energy use of only 3% of the installed capacity, giving clients up to 95% energy savings when compared to a traditional CRAC system.  PUEs of 1.1 are regularly achieved as is ROI in less than a year. For further details visit

and see our latest case study  for a 5MW data centre in central London