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Fluid Dynamics International Ltd
18 Cookham Road
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Tel: 01628 634073
Email: robert@scaleprevention.com
Web: www.treatwater.com
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Hard Water Scale prevention * Bacteria Destruction   *  Saving Fuel in Gas fired  Boilers

Exporting more UK designed and manufactured environment friendly  water treatment technology to more countries than any other UK water treatment company Fluid Dynamics non chemical range of water treatment systems for preventing scaling caused by hard water are quite simply in a class of their own.  Judge us by our clients:

Waitrose, Marks and Spencer,  John Lewis, Cambridge University,  Atomic Weapons Establishment, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, McDonalds, Safeway, Walmart, Proctor and Gamble , University of Texas, US Navy, Baxter Laboratories, Pfizer, Nestle, Kimberly Clark even Gazprom in Russia  the worldwide list of blue chip companies who have chosen our UK technology is almost endless.

These are just some of the customers in more than 40 countries who rely on Fluid Dynamics totally environmentally friendly water treatment systems to stop scaling in Boilers, Humidifiers, Calorifiers, General Hot and cold water systems, Cooling towers , Ice Making Machines, Evaporative condensors and many more

New Silver ion sterilisers.  Legionella is a big risk in hot and cold water systems and a Statutory obligation is put on designers and operators to guard against it. Fluid Dynamics Biokleen Ioniser is a simple effective non chemical solution and when combined with a non chemical scale preventer the Biokleen provides a totally chemical free solution to two of the biggest water fouling problems .. Bacteria and Scale.

Biokleen is already used by Butlins, in The Bristol Royal Infirmary,  and Littlemore Hospital in Oxford. Overseas orders have been received for cooling towers in Singapore and USA as well as for a school in Africa.

Fluid Dynamics is the non-chemical environment friendly manufacturer of choice for water treatment   for many designers and plant operators.


Already used by Unilever and The largest soft drinks company in Asia, Producer fo Shark Energy Drinks  Fluid Dynamics  Fueltron can save up to 7% of fuel in industrial gas fired boilers and other appliances.