LG Electronics Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions

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LG Electronics Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions
Velocity 2,
Brooklands Drive
kT13 0SL (Click for map)

Tel: 08448 471 402 option 4
Email: HVAC.marketing@lge.com
Web: partner.lge.com
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LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions is a global leading manufacturer of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and energy solutions including building management systems for both commercial and residential applications with HVAC systems from 1kW ~ 224kW. Having manufactured their 1st air conditioner in 1968, LG have stayed at the forefront of HVAC innovation, this is shown with the unique ARTCOOL split range, synonymous with LG. ARTCOOL has been designed for style as well as functionality. LG’s Multi V iv, VRF syestems are widely considered to be among the most versatile and powerful system air conditioners available, providing exceptional comfort, reliability and the outdoor condensers are pre-coated at the factory with LG’s patented gold-fintm anti-corrosive epoxy coating to maintain excellent heat transfer properties, pro-longed system life span and a premium look.

LG are confident in their product reliability and offer long warranties. 

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