Potterton Commercial (Baxi Heating UK)

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Potterton Commercial (Baxi Heating UK)
Innovation House
Oaklands Business Centre,
Oakland Park, Wokingham
RG41 2FD (Click for map)

Tel: 0345 070 1055
Web: www.pottertoncommercial.co.uk
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About the company:- Potterton Commercial www.pottertoncommercial.co.uk has been a prestigious name in the commercial boiler industry for over 100 years, and still remains at the forefront of commercial boiler production and development today. We pride ourselves on being dependable and making products that customers can rely on with a service they can trust; from design and tender, through installation, commissioning and handover, and then support you for the lifetime of the boiler.

Potterton Commercial – Totally dependable
Part of BDR Thermea www.bdrthermea.com/home Potterton Commercial boilers are manufactured in accordance with the latest ISO standards and are based on tried and tested technology. Our boilers are all factory tested before sale, and we will commission them for you to make sure they are working reliably and efficiently.