RCM Heating

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RCM Heating
12-14 Sunbeam Road,
Woburn Road Industrial Estate
Kempston, Bedford
MK42 7BY (Click for map)

Tel: 01234 843303
Email: sales@rcmheating.co.uk
Web: www.rcmheating.co.uk
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RCM Heating is introducing a new and exciting range of trench heating, designer radiators and towel rails. The range includes Radiant Convector heaters designed to heat  residential rooms, corridors, dust-free production rooms and public spaces and will operate in any heating system. Exchanger Convectors with modern heating elements can be used for offices, commercial areas, car showrooms and hotels.

Trench heaters are embedded directly in the floor, do not disturb the interior space design and do not occupy any space that could otherwise be used for furniture.  Trench heaters take in cold air from the surrounding environment - this air enters the trench heaters either by means of natural circulation or it is displaced using the installed tangential fans.  A heat exchanger is a basic component of each trench heater. This is where the air is heated and subsequently rises back into the room.  The air forms a heat curtain in front of a cool glass surface, separates this cool surface from the inner space of the room and prevents air humidity condensation on its surface.

Discover this beautiful and versatile range of bathroom and designer radiators and towel rails now available from RCM Heating; eye-catching products which will compliment any of your developments. Customers will always require the classical functions of heating but with the RCM range of radiators, towel rails and trench heating they can choose from units that not only warm but make a visual statement complimenting the overall aspect of any room.