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AET Flexible Space is the leading global provider of Underfloor Air Conditioning (UfAC) systems.  By using the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone, ceiling ducts and pipework can be virtually eliminated as the underfloor plenum effectively becomes the ventilation zone.  Simple and modular in design, zonal downflow units deliver conditioned air into the plenum, which is then introduced into the workspace via Fantiles recessed into the underfloor void.  The system is inherently flexible and its application can lead to huge savings in construction materials, time, fit-out and reconfiguration costs, and can help save height in new build construction, and maximise headroom in refurbishments when compared with traditional ceiling systems.  Many of our projects have won industry awards for innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability.  AET Flexible Space.  Less waste, a better use of space.

Simple and modular in design, zonal CHILLED/Htg water or DX downflow units deliver conditioned air into the plenum
 via FantilesTM recessed into the underfloor void. Fantiles have no pipes or ducts connected

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