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Humidifiers; Dehumidifiers and Heat pumps.

CarrMarketing Limited has over 25 years experience in specifying, installing and maintaining humidity management systems. Typical installations include libraries, museums, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing plants in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, electronics, photographic, tobacco, data processing and IT manufacturing. Carr Marketing is the UK Distributor for several leading manufacturers supplying a diverse range of Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers using different primary heat sources. We have the expertise to plan and specify systems for all applications and provide a high level of technical support throughout the planning, specifying, commissioning and installation processes.

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Product Catalogues and Data


  • Airwin
  • Dri-Steem
  • Electrode-XT
  • Evaporative
  • GTS
  • Humidi-Tec
  • Swed-Fog Atomiser
  • Swed-Fog High Pressure
  • Ultra-Sorb
  • Ultrasonic
  • Vaporstream

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