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Elysator - Industry leading specialists in chemical-free water treatment and control.

If you own, manufacture, or are responsible for equipment that uses water for heating, cooling or as part of an industrial process then you are a potential Elysator customer.

The quality of the water used within such equipment and systems will invariably have a material impact on key elements of its operation: efficiency, running costs, reliability and longevity among them. This is true across the board, from domestic heating systems to large-scale industrial installations.

Proven over 50 years, our business centres on meeting the criteria set by VDI 2035: the chemical-free removal of gases, minerals and pollutants commonly found in mains water which are key contributors to the corrosion process.

We believe that prevention is better than cure; once removed, our products ensure that they are not reintroduced, engineering environments where corrosion cannot happen and bacteria cannot survive.

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