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Flexenergy supply pre-insulated pipe technology across the UK & Ireland.
We’re a highly experienced pre-insulated pipe supplier, distributing insulated pipes for thermal networks across the UK. Our range of pre-insulated advanced pipe systems offer a safe, secure and efficient means of transporting hot and cooled liquids – whatever the application.
With over 30+ years’ experience, we’re a highly knowledgeable team, committed to bringing energy saving solutions to companies across the UK.
Using the latest PB, PEX and PUR technology, we enhance the efficiency of pre-insulated pipe networks, serving heating and cooling distribution systems.
From design, planning and installation, our engineers are involved in every step of the process to help create secure, low maintenance and energy efficient district heating networks.
Headquartered in Glenrothes, Scotland, with projects spanning the length and breadth of the UK, Flexenergy offers unrivalled service and technical expertise, we have a UK wide network of Sales Engineers that offer support and knowledge locally to Consulting Engineers, Contractors and Project Managers.

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