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Priva is one of the UK's leading suppliers of building control systems and still a family run business today. Working through a network of accredited Priva Partners, the company offers cutting-edge building management technology to provide comfortable, healthy and energy efficient working environments for commercial, industrial and public buildings. Sustainability is at the heart of Priva's business philosophy. The company comes from a background of horticulture, managing energy use in glass houses. Priva has transferred these principles to building controls, by creating optimal and sustainable indoor environments, while making sure that the impact on the wider environment is minimised With the introduction of BlueID using native BacNet and Top Control 8 in 2013, Priva has taken a giant leap towards the intuitive set-up and use of building management systems (BMS). Put plainly, whether it relates to engineering, installation, management or maintenance functions, Priva Blue ID and Top Control 8 makes building automation simpler and easier than ever before For end users it delivers a host of advantages: Openness to third party systems via integration, Simple operation and management wherever the user is located; data-logging analysis reporting available at a glance; and easy, no-nonsense installation that is fully future-proofed. For installers, the advantages of the new building management system are obvious: hardware installation and wiring can be done in a fraction of the time required previously.

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