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TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® are pliable corrugated stainless steel gas piping systems for natural gas and LPG installations, generally used between the meter and appliance. TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® can be directly buried in ground or screed and used internally and externally.

TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® are manufactured from pliable corrugated stainless steel tube which can be bent easily by hand. With a yellow polyethylene protective cover containing flame spread and smoke density inhibitors, TracPipe®, and more recently TracPipeCC®, have become the recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel pipe.

TracPipe® is available in sizes from DN12 to DN50 and is Kitemarked to BS EN 15266. TracPipe® superior corrugated tubing combined with AutoFlare® fittings makes installation of gas pipework Safer, Faster and Easier. With no special tools and no hot work needed, TracPipe®’s proven reliability since entering the UK market in 2000 makes it the first choice for residential, commercial and industrial installations.

TracPipeCC®, which is independently witness tested by BSRIA, was launched in November 2018 and is designed to overcome the need to install an additional secondary containment sleeve through unventilated voids as the product is produced with the secondary containment already in place.
The second outer cover includes ridges on the internal surface which form channels between the first and second covers. In the unlikely event of a gas escape, the design allows for a passage to be formed for any escaping gas to move freely along the space formed to a safe and ventilated location at each end of the pipe.

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