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Air Conditions Systems - Heating - Ventilation - Controls

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Construction CPD

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, Air Conditioning Systems

Course title and key points covered
1. Chiller Technologies
2. Working with F-Gas Regulations
3. Metering & Monitoring for the Domestic RHI
4. Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Non-dwellings
5. The Future of Air Conditioning - Hybrid Technologies
6. ERP Directive Related to Heating Equipment
7. Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump Systems
8. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
9. The Impact of Control Strategies on Building Energy Performance
10. Part L & European Legislation Affecting Use of Heat Pumps
11. The London Plan
12. The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive
13. Controls for Efficient Cooling, Heating & Ventilation
14. Guide to Ventilation
15. Building Information Modelling (BIM)
16. New & Existing Homes - a Sustainable Approach
17. The Ecodesign Directive for Energy Related Products
18. The BREEAM update
19. Renewable Commercial Heating
20. Dometic Air Source Heat Pumps
21. Controls and Monitoring
22. Ground Source Heat Pumps
23. Heat Recovery Chillers
24. Low GWP Refrigerant Gases in Chillers
25. Modular Chillers
26. Part F Update