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The Benefits of Humidification

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1 hour maximum

Mechanical and Electrical Building Design Engineers and Consultants with design responsibility. The course is ideally suited to practicing engineers working on HVAC designs

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This presentation covers the primary conditions created through heating/cooling effects within non-domestic buildings and subsequent impact on humidity. The aim is to illustrate the importance of maintaining acceptable levels of relative humidity and the implications for not doing so'The objective of this presentation is to illustrate the benefits of humidification, and to make the case for its inclusion in a wide range of applications using a range of available technologies’ We Cover: ABOUT CARELS CREDENTIALS WHY HUMIDIFY? BASIC TERMINOLOGY & PSYCHROMETRICS DESIGN CRITERIA & CALCULATIONS TYPES OF HUMIDIFICATION APPLICATIONS

Course title and key points covered
• Temperature and Pressure conditions influence changes to relative humidity • People, Buildings, and Contents benefit from a minimum level of relative humidity • Emphasis is given to process, goods, and operating machinery and NEED for humidification YET little emphasis is given to Comfort and Health humidification despite overwhelming evidence health and comfort are adversely affected • The process of humidifying does have a cost • However the cost of not humidifying could be significantly higher

Michael Leach - Industrial Engineer, 40+ years of experience in gas, oil and energy markets, 20+ years in the HVAC sector.  Nichola Whelehan - 14+ years experience with application and specification of ventilation air handling and climate control solutions. David Chisnall - 20+ years experience specification and application of commercial air handling ventilation, ducting, and filtration solutions.