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Various Methods of Water Treatment including Physical Water Treatment

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The seminar will focus on providing total system design solutions in variable volume systems. The focus will be on 2 port control valve systems and TRV controlled systems. Key points that will be discussed are energy savings by correct commissioning, 2 port control authority, part L considerations, correct application and use of TRV's, how to improve system commissionability, how to maximize cost savings, how to reduce back end commissioning cost, how to ensure system control and responsiveness, how to ensure system dynamics are under control at part load conditions, other system component considerations (boilers, chillers, pumps etc)

Course title and key points covered
The need for differential pressure control in variable volume circuits introducing energy savings by correct commissioning. 1. Variable volume system design considerations 2. Correct application of commissioning products 3. Application and positioning of differential pressure control valves 4. The correct selection and application of thermostatic control valves 5. The use of pressure independent control valves Methods of Water Treatment 1. Including Physical Water Treatment 2. Hard Water - Myths and Misconceptions. 3. The Chemistry explained. 4. The principle methods of treatment - How they work.; Suitable Applications; B

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