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The Ultra-Efficient Turbomiser Chiller: The Technology and Benefits Explained

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This CPD presentation provides a practical and theoretical insight into the technology behind the ultra-efficient Turbomiser chiller.

It describes how the technology has moved from being something as an exotic alternative to being established as a mainstream cooling solution - for use in offices, data centres, universities - and increasingly in process cooling applications in industry.

The course...

- explains the operation of the compact centrifugal oil-less Turbocor compressor, which runs on virtually frictionless magnetic bearings;

- highlights the integral inverter-based control system that precisely matches cooling output with load;

- demonstrates the advantages in terms of efficiency (up to 60 per cent more efficient than conventional systems), noise, size, reliability and servicing costs;

- gives examples of case studies wiith the Turbomiser is use in different applications;

- outlines possible future developments that may improve efficiency and performance even further.

Course title and key points covered
The Ultra-Efficient Turbomiser Chiller: The Technology and Benefits Explained

1. Turbomiser - Module 6 The quite revolution of chillers

2. A diabatic Turbomiser - Module 18 - Automated adiabatic enhancement of Turbomiser to further improve efficiency and reduce footprint

3. Propane Refrigerant - Module 99 - The safe application of ultra low GWP propane refrigerant in chillers

4. HFO Refrigerant - Module 112 - The next generation of low GWP, A2L refrigerants for use in chillers and industrial

5. CircleMiser - Module 118 - Incredibly efficient air cooled chillers with enlarged circular condensers

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CPDs - The Ultra-Efficient Turbomiser Chiller: The Technology and Benefits Explained