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45 Minutes plus 15 mins Q&A

Architects, Consultants

Lunch Provided

Client offices


An Introductory CPD seminar by AET Flexible Space which is designed to be “a journey to a different way of thinking” about how commercial offices are air conditioned.

Who we are

The journey starts with an introduction into the origins of AET Flexible Space, who we are and how we work.

In the Beginning

The second section takes a light hearted look at why air conditioning has become a necessity, and the problems experienced by the end user.

An alternative route

Kicking off the third part is a short 2 minute video illustrating how our UFAC system works and the benefits it can offer. We then take a more detailed look at system components and how they work.


Section four outlines the benefits our systems bring to both refurbishment and new building projects.

We then look at the impact a standard ceiling based systems has on building occupants and them compare it to how UFAC systems can help to keep everybody happy.


Touching upon one of the hottest topics within the construction industry, section five highlights the sustainability issues surrounding conventional and underfloor air conditioning systems.

Recent Projects

Section 6 puts our systems into context by outlining just few of the recent projects we’ve completed. We then hear from a very satisfied customer.

What’s the Catch?

Bringing the journey to an end, the final section summarises explains why underfloor air conditioning is not used more widely within the industry.

We then arrive at our final destination!

Course title and key points covered
Underfloor Air Conditioning Technology

1. Introduction to underfloor air conditioning

2. Problems of air conditioning commercial offices

3. Underfloor air conditioning as an alternative

4. Benefits of adopting plenum systems

5. Sustainability issues surrounding air conditioning

Karl Stauss - Sales Manager

Air Distribution & Ventilation

Controls & Instrumentation


Pipework/ Valves/ Pumps, etc.

Building Management / Legislation / Regulation

System Design & Project Management

Electrical Services

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Public Health

CPDs - Underfloor Air Conditioning Technology