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The Business Case for Evaporative Cooling

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Mechanical and Electrical Building Design Engineers and Consultants with design responsibility. The course is ideally suited to practicing engineers working on HVAC designs

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This presentation provides an overview of adiabatic cooling as a viable option to deploy within large air handling systems in commercial and industrial environments. An illustration for the benefits of adiabatic technology versus traditional cooling systems and provides a solid business case for change'The objective of this presentation is to present a business case to illustrate the benefits of evaporative cooling in applications such as data centres’ We Cover: ABOUT CAREL WHAT IS ADIABATIC COOLING APPLICATION ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES EQUIPMENT TYPES ENERGY SAVING CARBON FOOTPRINT HYGIENE

Course title and key points covered
• Understanding the value of adiabatic processes as a cooling medium
• Free Cooling, Air Side Economisers, and Adiabatic Systems
• An opportunity to reduce mechanical cooling loads and improve energy efficiency
• A business case to support investment in retrospective solutions

Michael Leach - Industrial Engineer, 40+ years of experience in gas, oil and energy markets, 20+ years in the HVAC sector.  Nichola Whelehan - 14+ years experience with application and specification of ventilation air handling and climate control solutions. David Chisnall - 20+ years experience specification and application of commercial air handling ventilation, ducting, and filtration solutions.

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