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An Introduction to Hybrid Roof Ventilators, Considerations of Design and Control

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With today's focus and drive for energy efficiency, this course is an introduction to roof ventilation in commercial and industrial applications. Typically, large warehouses and manufacturing areas suffering from poor indoor air quality (IAQ) for occupants, and requiring help to improve thermal conditions at different periods during the day, week and year.

This course looks at hybrid turbine vents, the design, control and application considerations as energy efficient solutions to heat producing factory operations, by facilitating the removal of thermal loads from machinery and other heat generating operations, and its re placement by cooler, external air. For warehouses, it discusses hybrid vents as a method of exploiting 'night cooling' potential where favourable temperature differentials exist.

Course title and key points covered
An Introduction to Hybrid Roof Ventilators, Considerations of Design and Control

1. Why ventilate and how ventilation can be achieved

2. Types of ventilation and potential limitations

3. How industrial hybrid roof ventilators work

4. Industrial hybrid roof ventilator design and control requirements

5. Industrial hybrid roof ventilators for night purge

Glenn Crame : With a background in mechanical engineering and specifically filtration and motion control,Glenn worked for over 30 years in product and market management for Parker Hanniffin Plc. For the last 2 years he has worked as a product specialist and account manager ,primarily within our Controlled Air Division.

Dean Gooch: Dean has worked with us for over 10 years and is our Sale Manager in England. During his tenure, he has helped develop our Controlled Air Division, working with a wide range of business sectors gaining sales and project management experience throughout.

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