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Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR)

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60 Minutes

M&E Consultants, Mechanical Engineers, Sustainability Engineers


Anywhere in the UK (Can be provided on-line as well for remote users).

BARKELL AIR HANDLING UNITS (Part of Airedale International)

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Units (MVHRU) are designed to provide very specific functions within the HVAC system:

Ventilation - fresh air for occupants and dilution of pollutants (bio-effluents (CO2, water vapours), building and system emissions)

Fine filtration – purify air in order to achieve acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) in the ventilated spaces

Heat recovery – recover waste heat from the building while exhausting contaminated air

Heating and/or cooling (optional) – provide tempered air for space heating/cooling devices (fan coils, VAV boxes, chilled beams, etc)

This course is aimed at giving those involved in the HVAC supply chain an introduction to MVHR, including key functions and applications, component parts and their main features and an understanding of current legislation and performance standards.

Definitions and Applications


Standards & Legislation


Course Objectives:

Understand MVHRU key functions and applications

Understand MVHRU component parts and their main features

Understand current legislation and performance standards and how they apply to MVHRU

Course title and key points covered
Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR)

1 An introduction to MVHR

2 Key functions and applications

3 Component parts and their main features

4 Understanding of current legislation and performance standards.

Bruno Guedes, Technical solution Manager at Barkell

Bruno holds a Bachelor's degree in Renewable Energy Engineering with a professional background in renewable energy engineering and the HVAC manufacturing industry, particularly with bespoke air handling and heat recovery products.

Bruno has spent 6 years at Barkell, undergoing various roles encompassing project management, product research, product / system design, technical support and training.

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