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Domestic & Commercial Hot Water Systems

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60 mins

Architects, consultants, specifiers, mechanical engineers, heating engineers, installers, facilities managers, plumbing engineers.


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This CPD explains the many different domestic and commercial hot water systems, new, existing and emerging to store and deliver safe and energy effcient hot water to multiple outlets in various buildings and scenarios. It identifies best solutions for energy efficiency,control, safety and capacity.

The Course introduces OSO Hotwater (the largest manufacturer of unvented cylinders in Europe). An overview of the development of domestic and commercial hot water products is given, and these are compared and contrasted with unvented cylinders today. The Course will cover issues such as SAP and ErP and how codes can be met or exceeded by our recommended design solutions. Health & Safety (so public Health teams can attend) is covered as pressure, excessive hot water and legionnaires are all issues that need to be addressed when providing a design solution. The Building Regulations (England & Wales and Standards in Scotland) are covered extensively.

Course title and key points covered
Domestic & Commercial Hot Water Systems

1 Identify and understand the different systems available for the delivery of domestic and commercial hot water

2 Explain current building regulations and legislation

3 Explain how products have changed adn improved to meet growing energy saving needs

4 Identify new technologies and emerging trends

5 Sizing and specification

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CPDs - Domestic & Commercial Hot Water Systems