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The Baxi Heating Heat Networks CPD is a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of using instantaneous and storage based DHW solutions in heat networks. It identifies key differences, considerations, advantages and disadvantages of each system.

The CPD will cover:

Heat Network application

Types of production

Sizing and demand

Hot water production and cylinder recovery


Examples and comparisons

This CPD is suitable for all levels from graduate to chartered engineers in both mechanical, electrical and public health disciplines, or those working with consultants, local authorities, end-users and installers. It is also suitable for individuals within a range of job roles such as architecture, sustainability, building services, facilities management, technical services, environmental, estates/ facilities, services, building control, operations, heat networks and project management. To book your Heat Networks CPD session, contact your Specification Manager today.

Course title and key points covered
Heat Network application

1 Types of production

2 Sizing and demand

3 Hot water production and cylinder recovery

4 Legionella

5 Examples and comparisons

• Tom Murray - Specification Director

• Neville Radford - Regional Specification Manager

• Ryan Kirkwood - Specification Manager

• Stephen Lynch - Specification Manager

• Lewis Pendle - Specification Manager

• Elliot Newton - Specification Manager

• Anthony Curry - Specification Manager

• John Cartledge - Specification Manager

• Simon Russell - Regional Specification Manager

• Gavin Robinson - Specification Manager

• Graeme Matier - Specification Manager

• Danny Stackhouse - Specification Manager

• Richard Whittington - Specification Manager

• Paul Marsden - Specification Manager

• Craig Chamberlain - Specification Manager

• Mark Gibbons - National Manager CHP

• Ian Lock - New Build and Multi Occupancy Director

• Linda Field - New Build and Multi Occupancy

• Ian Robinson - Technical Manager Multi Occupancy Team

Pipework/ Valves/ Pumps, etc.

Building Management / Legislation / Regulation

System Design & Project Management

Electrical Services

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Public Health

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