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Engineering Sustainable DHWS in Modern Building Design

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45 mins

Public Health Eng, Mechanical Eng, Electrical Eng and Sustainability Engineers

Free (Lunch can be provided if required)

Anywhere in the UK, Northern Ireland, Eire (Can be provided on-line as well for remote users).


The title of the CIBSE Approved CPD is “Engineering Sustainable DHWS in modern building design”, This is a CIBSE Approved Seminar for 1 hour CPD Recognition, on completion of the CPD certificates are issued.

The seminar offers comprehensive information about the history of DHWS, its technology and what is driving it. It also discusses how the code has evolved, what is required by modern designs and gives case study examples to exemplify the energy and efficiency benefits that can be achieved with single pipe solutions in conjunction with heat pump technology. The new CPD also includes important information on the new hot water standard, BS8558 that was completed and introduced in September 2015. The seminar also explains how continued innovation is needed to “future proof” hot water systems and that early adopters are reaping the benefits of single pipe DHWS. It demonstrates how the technology is established, understood, and proven by case studies – which validate energy efficiency as part of a complete DHW system

Headings covered within the CPD are listed below:

• History

• Traditional DHWS

• Methodology

• Recirculation v Single Pipe

• Technology & Drivers

• Innovative HWS: The Drivers

• Innovative DHWS: The Drivers

• What is Self-Regulating Technology - video

• Trace heating systems: Control and Monitoring

• Single pipe anatomy & system benefits

• Evolution of Code

• Evolution of Standards and Guidance

• Building type V Code Consideration

• The Standards

• Modern design requirements


• HWS Engineering and Design

• Validation: Studies

• Summary

Course title and key points covered
Engineering Sustainable DHWS in Modern Building Design

1 History & Methodology of DHWS

2 Technology & Drivers

3 Single Pipe HWS & Hybrid HWS Benefits

4 Evolution of Building Code

5 Building Standards

David Perry – A graduate of Anglia Ruskin University and Cranfield Business School, David has worked within the building services industry since 2002 and has been providing application support for system specifications throughout this time. David is an accredited member of CIBSE since 2009 and is actively involved with CIBSE Patrons and a committee member of CIBSE London & Home Counties, as a Mechanical Engineer David is able to provide a concise CPD presentation with extensive knowledge of the industry based on actual applications.

Jonathan Jones – A graduate of Kingston Business School, Jonathan has worked within the building services industry for 15 years and has been providing application support for system specifications throughout this time. Jonathan has been a CIBSE approved CPD course provider for over 10 years. Also an associate member of BEAMA (British Electrotechnical & Allied Manufacturers Association) and the European Underfloor Heating Alliance (euHA), Jonathan provides the technical and regulatory input on behalf of nVent Thermal Management to the industry, and the regulatory bodies working on behalf of the EU.

Andrew McGrath – After attending Plymouth University, Andrew executed several technical specialist roles before joining Nvent Thermal Management, formerly Tyco Thermal Controls. Now a technical specialist in Raychem building services products. Andrew has been presenting CPD presentations for over 12 years.

Jenny O’Connor- Having graduated from the University of Warwick and went on to complete a management training programme at one of the UK’s leading house builders, which included land buying, planning, technical design and quantity surveying. Jenny has been an accredited ‘Certified Pro’ trainer for over 7 years, promoting best practice in system design, installation and maintenance.

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CPDs - Engineering Sustainable DHWS in Modern Building Design