b'www.1stsystems.co.uk1st Systems, formed in 2005, based in London & the South East, provide an integrated sustainable solution to the application and design of HVAC systems.We work with leading world class manufacturers and project manage key system components.Ouremphasisistoalwaysselectthemostefficient,lowestcarbonfootprintandcompetitivesolution to ensure true environmental sustainability!SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS: Air Filtration Air Handling Units Chilled Beams Passive & Active Chilled Ceilings ChillersAir & Water Cooled Close Control Data Centre Cooling Solutions Displacent Ventialtion Dry Air Coolers Fan Coil UnitsFan Convectors Grilles&DiffusersGrilles & Heat Pump Units Induction Boxes Packaged Heat Pump AHUs Radiant Panels Split & Multisplit A/C Trench HeatingVAV, fan & system powered boxes VRF with option for Photovoltaic Warm Air Curtains1ST SYSTEMS ENGINEERING LTD, The Studio, 50 Temple Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8HATelephone: 01372 800 009Mobile: 0772 555 6000Email: sales@1stsystems.co.ukWeb: www.1stsystems.co.ukpage 106 www.hvindex.com1STSYSTEMS_B2019.indd 1 16/04/2020 16:46'