b'HUMIDIFICATION AND EVAPORATIVE COOLING SYSTEMS For commercial andindustrial buildingsProperly controlled humidification enhances occupant health and comfort, improves manufacturing processes, and helps preserveIsothermal steam humidifiersbuilding materials and furnishings.Gas-fired condensingElectrode and resistiveDriSteem humidification systems control theSteam-to-steamhumidity level to between 40 and 60% RH to reduce the spread of viruses that infect our respiratory tract like COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. This is also the best RH range for maintaining a healthy environment overall, because it also reduces bacteria and allergens.In short, any building housing people or things will benefit from proper humidification, and the cost to add humidification is easily offset by gainsSteam dispersion systemsin processes, productivity, life of materials, andPanels (for short absorption)occupant wellbeing.Multi-tubeSingle tubeHumidity Matters Ltd is the UK supplier of DriSteem humidification equipment, including isothermal steam humidifiers, steam dispersion systems, and evaporative, or adiabatic, humidifiers.We also offer planned maintenance, service and commissioning agreements to guarantee humidifier efficiency and humidity range.Learn more at www.humiditymatters.co.uk orEvaporative cooling systemswww.dristeem.com. High/low pressure systemsWetted media systemCall the Experts on HUMIDITY Tel: 02380 443127MATTERSEmail: info@dristeemuk.co.ukWeb: www.humiditymatters.co.uk or www www.dristeem.comwww.hvindex.com page 111HV Index A4 ad_Humidity Matters and DriSteem.indd 1 10/2/2020 10:22:56 AMDRISTEEM_B2020.indd 1 02/11/2020 21:23'