b'NEOSYS chiller range has the specication to answer todays customer needs: high seasonalenergyefciencyratio(ESEERabove4.0:EERto2.9),latestgeneration VariableFrequencyDrive with Shark aluminium bladesandceramicbearings,adjustablesound levelperformance,optional integratedhydraulicmodule, theuseofaluminiummicro channel coils.NEOSYSgivesastrong impressionofmodernity with its at roof, aesthetically pleasing grilles which make a perfect nish, and the extra low unit less than two meters high.Themicrochannelcoiloffers exceptionalheattransfer qualities,andoffersequivalent systemperformanceswith smallercondensingunitsusing 30%to 40% less refrigerant and signicant weight reduction. Additionally,improvedcorrosion resistance results from the same aluminiumalloy(nogalvanic action) vs. the traditional copper tube/aluminiumncoils.This type of coil can be used in light corrosiveorselectivecoastal environmentswithoutanyneed Lennox UK foradditional,andexpensive, pre-treated ns or coil coating. Hope Park Business CentreHope Park ThepatentedActiveAccousticAttenuationSystemmeetschangingbuildingload BradfordWest Yorkshire requirements while automatically adjusting the air ow to meet night and day sound level BD5 8HH constraints, adjustable for 4 time zones per day.With the NEOSYS range in production, Lennox can now offera complete Telephone:range of air-cooled liquid chillers from 20 to 1,000 kWoperating with 01604 669100 R410A refrigerant.Fax number: 01604 669150 www.lennoxeurope.comemail: info.uk@lennoxeurope.compage 114 www.hvindex.comLENNOX_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 09:10'