b'IP66/7 Motorised fire dampers provide extraprotectionagainstthe dangerousamountsoflow-temperature toxic smoke that is produced before a fire actually breaks out.The Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order requires that fire dampers are tested regularly.The Curtain Fire damper is not easy to test, but this should not exempt it from being part of the compliance order. Motorised Fire dampers make testing and maintenance a much easier and cost effective means of compliance.B elimo Automation UKLimitedSh ep p erton B u si nessP a rk,G ovett A venu e, Sh ep p erton, M i d d l ese x,TW 178 B ATel .01932 260460, F a x.01932 269222, E ma i l .sa l es@ b el i mo. co . u k W eb .w w w . b el i mo. c o. u kpage 124 www.hvindex.comBELIMO1_A2020.indd 1 16/04/2020 17:10'