b'-Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork LtdTel:01706 227935 E-Mail:enquiries@firesafeductwork.co.uk Web:www.firesafeductwork.co.ukNon-coated fire-resisting ductwork specialistsBritish company Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork Limited have extensive expertise in fire resisting ductwork applications, a critical Passive Fire Protection specialism. OurCASWELL FIRESAFE non-coated fire-resisting ductwork system has been installed globally on 1000+ prestigious projects across Retail, Transportation, Leisure, Hospitality, Commercial, Industrial & Healthcare since its introduction in 2003. A wide range of services based onCASWELL FIRESAFE are available through our Licensed Manufacturing Partners, including: Manufacture, supply, installation and 3rd party certification ofCASWELL FIRESAFE systems Class-leading Quality Assurance, Inspection processes and Audits to ensure compliance on every projectComprehensive fire test and Notified Body approvals documentationTraining & CIBSE approved CPD course seminarsQualityCASWELL FIRESAFE branded ancillary products including Access Doors, Sealants and GasketsCASWELLFIRESAFEprovidesexcellentfire-resisting performance. It is tested and certified up to 4 hours for Stability, Integrity & Insulation to BS 476:Part 24 (1987), ISO 6994 and is UL listed. Our products also meet the requirements of European Standard EN 1366 Parts 1 and 8. They comply with Product Standard EN 12101-7, which enables us to offer CE-marked products for the EEA (European Economic Area). Itsnon-coatedfinishreducesbothriskandcostthroughout thesupplychainbyofferinglife-cyclevalueandrealworld commercialandenvironmentaladvantages;especiallywhen compared with alternative methods such as spray coated or clad fire-resistant ductwork. FiresafeFireRatedDuctworkLimitedarefullmembersof CASWELLFIRESAFEisenvironmentallybenign.Non-coatedthe ASFP, ADCAS and SMACNA; with staff on both the ASFP means no potentially hazardous chemicals are needed to degrease,TG6andBSIFSH22/9technicalcommittees.Weinvest etch, prime and apply a coating. Constructed from premium gradeheavilyinR&D,fireandmaterialstestingandengineering specification materials, with a high resistance to degradation overdesign systems for bespoke system supports. This process is time, it is extremely durable and dependable. Ultimately, it is fullycontinuously evolving and ensures that fully compliant, certified, recyclable. best-practice solutions are provided. CASWELLFIRESAFEnon-coatedductworkFiresafe Fire Rated Ductwork Limited currently has Licensed is robust. Available in Galvanised Steel, MildManufacturingPartnersintheUK,Europe,theMiddleEast, Steel or Stainless Steel it is not susceptibleAsia and the USA. They assist Building Engineering Services to the kind of damage which may occur to aprofessionals in the selection and correct specification of fire-surface applied coating during transportationresisting ductwork and can offer invaluable advice whatever the orinstallation.Scratchdamagewouldnotproject size and complexity.necessitate its replacement or remedial onsite treatment to maintain fire integrity. www.firesafeductwork.co.uk Tested. Manufactured. Certified.CASWELL FIRESAFE systems can be fabricated swiftly, allowing short lead or just in time contracts to be confidently fulfilled. Main Contractors and their Clients can be assured that Plan of Work deadlines are met, avoiding the risk of penalties.Licensed Partners in UK & Eire able to manufacture, install and certifyCASWELL FIRESAFE fire resisting ductwork systems are: +44 (0) 1706 227935 +44 (0) 1323 400680+353 1 8420840enquiries@caswell.uk.comenquiries@firetrace-ductwork.co.ukinfo@sweeneysheetmetal.iewww.caswellfrd.com www.firetrace-ductwork.co.uk www.sweeneysheetmetal.iepage 134 www.hvindex.comFIRESAFE_B2020.indd 1 02/11/2020 21:28'