b'FAN Special Inlet Size (except blowersType Fans & Fan UNITS Applications nom: casing size)Sets/h3Floor Void Fresh Air Boosters 200-700m Smoke Ventilation Flameproof & Dust Corrosive Fumes/Obnoxious Gases High Temperature High Pressure Medium Pressure Low Pressure 3000mm (118.2in) 2500mm (98.5in) 2000mm (78.8in) 1500mm (59.1in) 1250mm (49.2in) 1000mm (39.4in) 800mm (31.5in) 600mm (23.6in) Up to 500mm (19.7in) Bifurcated Plate Axial/Propellor Axial Flow Centrifugal Blowers & Exhausters Centrifugal Paddle Blade Centrifugal Backward & Fwd Curved PlasticFor Ventilation Units,3.03 see Section 3.06for Kitchen Ventilation see Section 3.07for Air Handling Units see Section 2.08Mixed Flow Twin Fans Boxed Fans = Manufacturer or main UK Supplier Fans & Fan Sets = Distributor re-seller = Rental / Hire serviceAET FLEXIBLE SPACE See page 53 & 151AIRFLOW DEVELOPMENTS See page 140BROUGHTON EAP LTDSee page 52 & 143FLKTGROUP UK See page62, 68, 86, 94,138 & 288NICOTRA GEBHARDT See page142PUMA AIR MOVEMENTSee page 216 & 269SOVEREIGN AIR MOVEMENT See page 73, 137 & 158For a full range of AIR INTAKE SCREENS see ECEX 58 For addresses & contact details see page 141page139B20_03_v3.indd 5 03/11/2020 16:13'