b'Colman Air DistributionTel:01782 564383C O L M A N E-Mail:info@colmanad.comAir DistributionWeb:www.colmanad.comEngineered Air ProductsGrilles REPUSDisplacement VentilationDiffusers Bespoke ServiceLouvresThe foundations of the present day Colman Air DistributionTheir constantly evolving range includes:were built in 1965 when Barber-Colman started operating inGrilles: Return Air; Security; Supply; Transfer; Linear Bar; Manchester, UK. Heavy-Duty; Hinged-CoreThey have expanded operations and services throughout theDiffusers: Linear-Slot; Swirl; Perforated; Louvre; Floor; Jet; intervening years to become a company synonymous withCircular; Nozzle; Drum-Louvrequality in the Air Distribution sector. Louvres: External; Glazed-InBespoke Service Our products can be made out of stainless steel or be designed with various different finishes including bronze, brass, gold and Colman offers a bespoke service which includes the supplychrome for luxury homes, hotels, restaurants, palaces, etc. of products in special colours to meet Architectural design specifications.We can design solutions where standard products do not fit the requirements of the build.Colman grilles, diffusers and louvres have been installed on numerous projects including The Royal Albert Dock Development (far left) and during 2021 we will be providing the grilles and diffusers for the flagship Midland Metropolitan Hospital in the West Midlands.If you would like information on our projects and the products Repus Lipstick Displacement Unit used in them, please contact us.page 144 www.hvindex.comCOLMAN_A2021.indd 1 01/06/2021 09:45'