b'MADE IN GERMANYHigh Grade Expansion Joints from ELAFLEXForpipingsystemsofbuildingservices,Many other ERV types available, for example:you need compensators to absorb thermal ERV-R: WRAS Approvalexpansion, reduce vibration and noise.Type TA: fitted with a white PTFE lining ERV rubber expansion joints from ELAFLEX,forextensivechemicalresistance,FDA setting standards for decades and offeringapprovedthe ideal solution.TypeROTEXisanEPDMRubberBellows ERV-GR: for Acids, Alkali and aggressive ( PEEKreinforced )forbothLPHWandchemicalsMPHWto130 Cconstanttemperature. ERV-W: white Nitrile ( NBR ) to foodstuff DIN 4809 approved, no obligation to dis- standards mantle this type within 10 years.ERV-GS: ISO 15540 ( fire resistant )E-Mail your enquiry to:Check out our configurator: sales@elaflex.co.uk ervconfigurator.elaflex.co.ukELAFLEX Ltd.Riverside House, Plumpton Road Hoddesdon, Herts EN11 OPAPh. 01992 45 29 50www.ela\x1f ex.co.ukpage 150 www.hvindex.comAd_2020_High_Grade_ERV_210x297_Ltd_EN.indd 1 08.10.2020 14:08:55ELAFLEX_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 11:16'