b'Ventilation Hybrid Ventilation Air Intake Screens Natural Flow Air Intake/Extract Units (Non-mechanical) Fan Asstd FLOOR VOID Supply/Extract Mechanical Vent Units ,Toilets, Windows Ventilation Units, with added cooling Ventilation Units, Decentralised Wall Louvres, Fixed and Moveable Wall Mechanical Intake Units Wall Mechanical Extract Units Roof Smoke / Fire Ventilation Roof Natural Ventilators Roof Mechanical Intake Units Roof Mechanical Extract (Cowl/Vertical) Duplicate/Twin Fan SetsEquipment, Roof, Wall, InteriorFor Commercial Kitchen Ventilation see3.06 next Chart 3.07Natural Ventilation see section 1.15 (Sustainable Energy)l = Manufacturer or main UK SupplierQ = Distributor re-seller Ventilation Equipment, Roof, Wall, InteriorW = Rental / Hire serviceAET FLEXIBLE SPACE lSee page 51AIRFLOW DEVELOPMENTS l l l l lSee page 142Q l l l CAMFIL See page 57CPA ENGINEERED SOLUTIONSl l See page 154DUNHAM-BUSHl l l l l l l l l l See page 32 & 152ECEX AIR INTAKE SCREENSl See page 56l l Q ECOCOOLING See page 28l l l l l l l ENVIROTEC See page 236FLKTGROUP UKl l l l l l l l l l l l lSee page 60, 66, 84, 94& 140l l l l l l l l l l GILBERTS See page 146l l l NICOTRA GEBHARDT See page 144l l l l l l l l PUMA AIR MOVEMENT See page 216l l SEELEY INTERNATIONAL See page 48l l l l REGA VENTILATION See page 132SOVEREIGN AIR MOVEMENTl Q Q l l Q Q Q Q Q Q l See page 71 & 156WATERLOO AIR PRODUCTSl l l l lSee page 157 & Inside Back Cover WEATHERITE AIR CONDITIONING l l lSee page 69 & 95page153A20_03_v6.indd 10 17/04/2020 16:25'