b'CPA Engineered SolutionsTel:01501 825024 E-Mail:sales@cpa-group.com Web:www.cpa-group.comNatural & Hybrid Vertical Vane Roof VentilationAs Specialist independent solutions providers we will give:Expert AdviceDesign and Installation advicePre and post sales supportApplicationsLarge spaces with high occupancy usage are often accompanied by excess heat build-up. In many cases, natural ventilation is not adequate during times of high usage periods. EcoPower allows demand controlled ventilation to significantly increase the rate of extraction. This delivers better airflow Established in 1992, CPA Engineered Solutions is committedcontrol, improved occupant comfort and to finding the right solution for our clients business challengesreduces the load on cooling systems. that delivers energy savings and tangible benefits. We are theEcoPower can also be configured and sole UK distributor and stockist of Edmonds Hurricane Naturalprogrammed to automatically respond & Eco-Power Hybrid Roof ventilation products.to set temperatures and/or humidity using IQ control platform or 0.10V inputs to your Building The comfort and safety levels of building occupants are a growingManagement System (BMS). Applications include Factories, concern in modern-well sealed business. Traditionally, excessWarehouses, Leisure & Fitness & Data Centres to name a few. heat and fumes have been exhausted from buildings by expensiveEcopower allows natural ventilation during the day to meet or to run, noisy, high maintenance mechanical extraction systems.exceed minimum outdoor air ventilation rates requirements of The EcoPower True Hybrid Ventilation technology is a highlyASHRAE standard 62.1. The powered mode can be activated at efficient hybrid turbine roof ventilator. It combines wind-powerednight by a timer or temperature sensor. The night purge operation vertical vane turbines with a high efficiency electronicallyremoves excess heat in the room or building allowing cool night commutated (EC) motor meaning that optimum ventilation canair to reduce the stored energy and cool the building down. This be achieved, independent of natural conditions. reduces daytime cooling loads and lowers energy consumption.We can design and install a bespoke roof ventilation solution for your needs with the benefits of: Low Energy ConsumptionSignificantly lower noise levels, up to 14.5dB(A), than traditional powered fan assisted ventsCase Study ExtractAdvanced EC motor technology with single phase inputWhen the University of Washington committed to achieving Edmonds Air IQ Customised Control or BMS Control Options and exceeding the high sustainability rating benchmarks set Patented hybrid ventilator design that enables an open throatby LEED Gold, the smart choice for ventilation came down to improve airflow performance to just one product. EcoPower significantly reduced the Natural Ventilation with Zero Operational Costsbuildings energy footprint without compromising occupant Boosted Fixed Ventilation available when required throughcomfort. Other benefits included reducing the area requiring power mode air conditioning by 40% reducing energy consumption to 180-200W per unit which equated to a 63-76% saving. Turbine design eliminates potential air back-drafting Significant noise reduction was also achieved.Can be utilised to drive an economiser system whenNatural or Hybrid ventilation systems for environmental and conditions permit climate control we have the flexibility to provide you with a Lightweight aluminium construction for ease of installationbespoke solution to suit your projects specific requirements.and minimal roof loadingpage 154 www.hvindex.comCPA_A2021.indd 1 01/06/2021 09:46'