b'Introducing the meeting place for advancing innovations in heat, water, air and energyelemental is a new international exhibitionfocusing entirely on heat, water, air and energy.elemental is for people who make decisions aboutheat, water, air and energy, and for businesses developing and manufacturing these technologies.elemental is engagingover 150 exhibitors specialising in heat, water, air and energy technologieselemental is challengingover 100 CPD accreditedseminars looking at innovation and the vital role heat,water, air and energy will play in a sustainable futureelemental is consultativecome face-to-face with decision-makers who are looking for sustainable solutions for the management of heat, water, air and energyelemental will take place in therst half of 2021dates and location will be announced shorty. Visit our website for updates.www.elementalexpo.comelemental is being shaped by a cross-section of industry stakeholdersensuring it delivers a meaningful visitor experience that combines heat, water, air and energy related technologies and product development with meaningful discussions on how they can interact more e\x04 ectively within the built environment. page 14 www.hvindex.comELEMENTAL_A2020.indd 1 16/04/2020 15:19'