b'OUR MISSIONSontays mission is to create healthier and more energy efficient buildings that support businesses, help people and protect the planet. We provide solutions that improve the indoor environment, reduce energy consumption and put sustainability at the heart of innovation.Sontay is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of control peripherals such as sensors and switches for the building controls industry.We have been manufacturing products that help control ambient conditions for over 45 years.Our products play a vital role in the performance of any building management system.Controllers rely heavily on data provided by sensors in theeld to be able to maintain ambient conditions.Sontay devices offer reliable and accurate measurement and are the ideal source of data for any control system.For further information visit www.sontay.com, call 01732 861200 or email sales@sontay.com.www.hvindex.com page 167SONTAY_A2020.indd 1 16/04/2020 16:16'