b"C R E A T I N G T H E P E R F E C T C L I M A T E www.lg.com/uk/businessULTIMATE COMFORT | ULTIMATE EFFICIENCYMulti V 5 TMis LG's Variable Refrigerant Flow system, equipped with a host of technological advancements, including 'Dual Sensing Control' that monitors temperature and humidity levels both indoors and outside. LG's own designed and manufactured '5 thgeneration Ultimate Inverter Compressor' and Bio-mimetic fans offering Larger System Capacity. A'Black Fin' coating on the 4 sided coil with, with comfort cooling features for occupants wellbeing and improved seasonal efficiencies all to make LG's Multi V 5TM the ultimate climate control and comfort solution.Note:Multi V 5 operates on Fluroinated Greenhouse Gases (R410A).| S P L I T S | V R F | H E AT P U M P S | V E N T I L AT I O N | C O N T R O L S | LG AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS AND SUPPLIERS IN THE UK & IRELANDwww.pacair.co.uk www.m3r.uk www.hawco.co.uk www.exi-tite.comHeating & Coolingdistribution centrewww.lgcomfortcooling.co.uk www.thermofrostcryo.co.uk www.aukdistribution.com www.ixus.bizwww.hvindex.com page 15LG_BS_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 08:19"