b'BSRIA Instrument SolutionsSales | Hire | CalibrationWe specialise in the sale, hire and calibration of measurement instruments, including:thermal imaging cameras power & energy monitors ultrasonic flow meters power disturbance monitorsthearimr alle aimkagien dge cvaicmeesras air velocity meters uclotrmabsuosntico nf laonwa lmyesteerrss power ddisattuar lboagngceer msonitorsdust monitors sound level meters temperature and humidity meters volume flow metersManufacturers include: FLIR, ChauvIn aRnoux, SIneRgy, RotRonIC, teSto, eLComponent, KatRonIC, FLexIm, FLuKe, vaISaLa, tSI, CIRRuS, Dp meaSuRementS, DRuCK, RetRoteC, WohLeR, eneRgy ConSeRvatoRy.Same day deliveryOrder online Competitive prices Extensive product rangeservice availableContact us0800 254 5566 (uK FRee) or +44 (0) 1344 459314 instruments@bsria.co.ukwww.bsria.com/uk/instrument/Laboratories and offices in Bracknell and Preston page 168 www.hvindex.comBSRIA_B2020.indd 1 03/11/2020 14:31'