b'MADE IN ITALYMYdens boilersup to 5 YEARS11 bar WARRANTYWORKING PRESSURE HEAT EXCHANGERup to 5 YEARS 5 YEARS AISI 31611 bar WARRANTY WARRANTY TiWORKING PRESSURE HEAT EXCHANGER HEAT EXCHANGER TITANIUM5 YEARS AISI 316 AISI 316WARRANTY Ti Ti 1:8TITANIUMHEAT EXCHANGER TITANIUM TITANIUM TURNDOWN RATIOup to 5 10 YEAR 10 YEAR AISI 316 up to D.H.W.11 bar WARRANTY WARRANTY Ti 1:20 1:8 100 %TITANIUM TURNDOWN RATIOTIOWORKING PRESSURE HEAT EXCHANGER BURNER TITANIUM TURNDOWN RA TURNDOWN RATIO CONDENSING5 YEARS AISI 316 up to D.H.W.WARRANTY Ti 1:20 100 %HEAT EXCHANGER TITANIUM TURNDOWN RA CONDENSINGTURNDOWN RATIOTIO Titanium heat exchanger with Up to four burner modules in AISI 316 1:8Ti10-year warranty and 11 barone cased unit with built in TITANIUMTITANIUM TURNDOWN RATIOoperating pressure for high risesystem and cascade controls.up to D.H.W.1:20 100 %applications.TURNDOWN RA CONDENSING Condense neutraliser and drain TURNDOWN RATIOTIO Patented Class 6 low NOx burnerpipes already assembled in base CO15ppm and NOx15ppmof unit.with 10-year warranty. When connected in cascade,boiler power is available from 14kW to 1.12MW.01256 587 800 info@gemtex.co.uk www.gemtex.co.ukpage 184 www.hvindex.comGEMTEX_BOILERS_B2020.indd 1 03/11/2020 14:35'