b'www.fulton.co.ukEstablished in 1966, Fulton specialises in ready-to-ship, skid-mounted boiler soluti ons to meet demand for o -site fabricati on. Its all-new, ultra-low NOx, high eciency, MCPD-compliant VSRT has been added to Fultons existi ng range of proven steam boilers and is suitable for hospitals, healthcare faciliti es, food and beverage processing plants, laundries and other applicati ons. Fulton also puts great emphasis on providing sales and applicati on advice with a full commissioning and aft er sales service to a growing customer base, with services from its aft ercare division including practi cal boiler operator training, water treatment packages and boiler house risk assessments. MCPD-COMPLIANT VERTICAL STEAM BOILERS With outputs ranging from 160 to 4000 kg/h and full operati ng performance curves available throughout the full range of output (and at various operati ng pressures) Fultons VSRT provides excepti onally high operati ng eciencies (82.5% gross thermal eciency compared to approximately 80% from equivalent models), which result in lower operati ng costs. Additi onally, a Fulton-designed modulati ng burner and furnace also achieves ultra-low NOx emissions of 20ppm and 10:1 turndown capability.SKID MOUNTED SOLUTIONSFulton o ers a complete service for the design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of skid-mounted soluti ons for all boiler types.ELECTRIC-FIRED STEAM MCPD-COMPLIANT ACCREDITED & CERTIFIED BOILERS HORIZONTAL STEAM BOILERS TRAININGWith outputs from 14 to 479 kg/h,Developed in response to demand forTo ensure compliance, Fultons Fultons range of packaged electrichigher capaciti es and with outputs fromindustry-recognised, a ordable and steam boilers cater for a wide range of1150 to 25000 kg/h and a maximumpracti cal training courses include a City applicati ons and combine traditi onal en- working pressure of 10.34 bar, Fultons& Guilds Accredited boiler operator gineering in a number of versati le mod- RBC can be speci ed with matchedcourse and Fulton accredited boiler ern packages. The pressure vessels in allmulti -stage oil, modulati ng gas ormaintenance and BG04 water treatment Fulton electric boilers are covered by adual-fuel burners as standard; and meetcourses, all of which bridge the gapve year warranty. Boilers are also fullycurrent and anti cipated legislati on andbetween straightf orward toolbox tested prior to delivery and backed byhave been engineered to provide atraining and more expensive courses Fultons nati onwide aft ercare operati on.substanti al performance margin. costi ng thousands per employee.5 Fernhurst Road, T: +44 (0)117 972 3322Fishponds, F: +44 (0)117 972 3358Bristol, W: www.fulton.co.ukBS5 7FG, UK. E: sales@fulton.co.uk Improving life through heat transfer soluti onspage 188 www.hvindex.comFBW152 - HV Index Advertisement 2020 - v2.indd 1 24/02/2020 07:51FULTON_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 11:32'