b'CONDENSAIRECONDENSAIREPCH SERIESCONDENSING GAS FIREDHEATING MODULES FORAIR HANDLING UNITSULTRA HIGH EFFICIENCYThe Condensaire heating modules, for installation in air handling units, have 14 models which give outputs from 5400kW.The main bene\x1ets include:Modulation down to 20% of full load.Up to 109% net thermal ef\x1eciency.Registered on the Energy Technology List ETL for claiming Enhanced Capital Allowance ECA.High ef\x1eciency means that the modules are BREEAM points qualifying.Available in natural gas (G20) or LPG (G31).Microprocessor based controls give continuous modulation via a 0-10V input signal or laptop dial up systems can be utilised.CLEAN COMBUSTIONThe Condensaire burners are fully premixed. The precisely regulated air and gas mix results in:NO emissions of carbon monoxide (CO = 0). Very low emission of nitrogen oxides, below 30 parts per million (NOx 30 ppm), make the Condensaire a class 5 product. Low emission of carbon dioxide, due to high combustion ef\x1eciency (109%). Reduction of fuel consumption arising from heat output modulation.INDIRECT HEAT EXCHANGERThe Condensaire heat exchangers transfer heat to the air stream indirectly. The advantages of this are:Products of combustion are kept separate from the supply air.AHU \x1fues can be arranged as type B or type C appliances. Lack of thermal inertia gives rise to very quick heat up times.Modules are built with environmentally friendly, recyclable, materials such as stainless steel and aluminium.Condensate drain points are \x1etted as standard.NO NEED FOR A WATER BATTERY AND BOILER HEAT PLANTThe main advantages of Condensaire heat exchangers over traditional wet systems are:Savings on capital plant and building costs, no need for boilers, pumps, safety and regulation devices, wet distribution mains and masonry work.Less space is required, AHUs can be smaller and less plant equipment is needed.No need for plant certi\x1ecation, the Condensaire module is already fully CE certi\x1eed.Problems associated with water pipework freezing is eliminated.DD0069-2 February 2016 T: 01604 707022www.dravo.co.ukpage 210 www.hvindex.comDRAVO_PCHCondensaire_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 08:53'