b'PLATE HEATHeat Exchangers & Gasketed Brazed and WeldedDistrict Heating Stations CALORIFIERS/Combination HotWater Tanks CALORIFIERS InstantaneousHot Water\\Steam (Plate) Spiral Heat Exchangers \\ Shell & Tube Tube-in-Tube Heat Recovery Ventilation Units Heat Pipes Runaround coils Thermal Wheels/Recuperators Gas Fired Heating Modules Gilled TubeExchangers Heat Recovery for Condensers; Unit Air Coolers;Compressors and Chilled Water/ 5.06 Refrigeration Equipment see Section 2.17Chillers see Section 2.11Heat Pumps see Section 1.05 & 1.06l = Manufacturer or main UK Supplier Heat Exchangers & Heat RecoveryQ = Distributor re-sellerW = Rental / Hire serviceAIRFLOW DEVELOPMENTS l lSee page 142ATLANTIC BOILERS l l l l l l l lSee page 18 & 19BIDDLE AIR SYSTEMSlSee page 238CARRIER RENTAL SYSTEMS W W WSee page 53, 88, 192 & 193l l l CETETHERM See page 183l COMBAT See page 227l DRAVO See page 70, 212 & 242FRENGER SYSTEMS lSee page 76 & 224l l l l l FRESESee page 278l l GEMTEXSee page 184 & 208H GUNTNER (UK) l lSee page 100 & 217l l l l l HEATRAE SADIA See page 249KLIMA-THERMl Q Q Q QSee page 40 & 102NATIONWIDE WATER PRODUCTSl l l l\x03 lSee page 257PUMA AIR MOVEMENTl l l l See page 216l l l REFLEX See page 246 & 270l l l l l SAV SYSTEMSSee page 182 & 279STOKVIS ENERGY SYSTEMSl l l l l lSee page 211l l l l STREBEL See page 188l SWEP See page 214W W W WATKINS HIRE See page 192For a full range of AIR INTAKE SCREENS see ECEX page 56 For addresses & contact details see page 215page213A20_05_v4.indd 9 17/04/2020 16:25'