b'M U L T I - S E R V I C ERADIANT PANELSWater ConnectionFrengers Acoustic, Lighting and Heating Rafts, otherwise known as Multi-Service Radiant Panels (MSRPs) are a free hanging radiantAcoustic Encapsulated Insulation behind heatingpanelwhichmayalsohaveoptionsoflightingand/orPerforated Regionacoustic sound absorbing properties . Water ConnectionAnidealsolutionforschools,academies,youthcentresand universities , other services can also be incorporated such as aperturesDirect LED for sprinkler heads, compartment trunking for other electrical services,Lightingapertures for PA and VA speakers plus lighting control, PIR, Photocells andotherbuildingserviceswhichare100%pre-fabricatedandPIR Sensortested off site in Frengers controlled factory environment .Indirect Lighting available via Diffuser on top side of For further information on Multi Service Radiant Panels or to learnMSRPabout our other product ranges please visitwww.frenger.co.uk Various Different Lighting Optics available for LED LightingSmoke DetectorCIBSE Approved CPD for Radiant Panels Independently Tested & Certi ed toEN 14037page 222 www.hvindex.comFrenger - HV Index 2020 - Heating.indd 3 24/02/2020 14:57:32FRENGER_HEATING_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 09:04'