b'Bespoke ServiceSolrayTel:01792 89 22 11 E-Mail:sales@solray.co.uk Web:www.solray.co.ukSolray Radiant Panels: Practical, reliable and cost-effective heating solutionsEnergy efcient Tailor-made in the UKCost effective HygienicSpace saving SafeEnergy efcientTailor-made in the UK to meet your needs Our panel system combines radiation, conduction and convectionOur radiant heating panels are manufactured right here in the UK, to offer excellent heating or cooling performance. which means you get a highly responsive UK team and its also The specially designed panels offer maximum heat transmissiongood for the economy and the environment.with the minimum of surface temperature differentials. Panels can be manufactured to suit your specic project requirements including custom sizes and shapes to t most areas.Cost effectiveAnd it doesnt stop thereour radiant panels can be manufactured Our system can be used with low or medium temperature hotin a variety of materials and nishes to complement the building water, steam or electricity. and project specications.Combined with optimum heat distribution, this offers signicantYou can also be assured of the quality. Solray systems are savings on running costs compared to other heating systems. designed and manufactured to the highest standards. But then, we havent remained in business for 100 years without consistently delivering very high standards.Space saving and attractiveUnlike most traditional heating systems, our panels take up little or no space, which will maximise available oor area and wall spacecrucial in buildings such as schools and leisure centres. Additionally, our panels can either blend seamlessly into the environment or be designed as an attractive feature.HygienicOften concealed within the ceiling, our panels have no corners, ledges or joints where dirt or harmful bacteria can collect.Being at, they are also easy to clean and create far less dustSolray Trident Panels at Cefn Hengoed Schooland air movement than ordinary convective heating systemsreducing potential discomfort for staff, patients, customers or visitors with breathing difculties.SafeNo bulky, protruding units, edges or cornersour ush panels represent an extremely safe option in hallways, sports halls and corridors. Solray DM Perimeter Panel with integrated spotlightsIn addition, our steel panels have been approved by the Ministry of Justice (NOMS approval). Their anti-ligature design makesAll Solray systems are designed to suit your specic requirements.them ideal for use in high security areas. Contact us to discuss how we could benet your project.www.hvindex.com page 229SOLRAY_A2020.indd 1 17/04/2020 15:29'