b'Above The Rest. Photon is the latest generationsuspended gas red unit heater.Can be used heat large commercial, industrial and retail spaces. Fully pre-mixed blown gas modulating burner High efciency axial ow fan 4 pass type aluminised steel Heat exchanger which provides a high thermal efciency combinedwith a long life expectancy Non-condensing means less connections on installationKey design: Signature Red louvre Embossed Reznor logo in the bottom panel Retained the chamfered edgeAdvanced technology and enhanced aesthetic appearance ensures your environment looks good whilstproviding a comfortable temperature.Trusted Heating Solutions.READY TO ORDERUp to 81% ErP efciencyJULY/2021 which goes above and beyond the new ErP legislation compliance 202101384 489250reznorsales@nortek.comwww.reznor.euReznor is a registered trademark of Nortek Global HVAC, LLC page 238 www.hvindex.comREZNOR_A2021.indd 1 01/06/2021 11:00'