b'Bespoke ServiceOSO HotwaterTel:0191 482 0800 E-Mail:sales.uk@oso-hotwater.co.uk Web:www.osohotwater.co.ukHot water and heating solutionsDomestic and Commercial Water Heaters High EfficiencyExtremely Low Weight High Corrosion ResistanceExtremely Low Heat Loss Environmentally ResponsibleOSO Hotwater are the largest manufacturer of unvented hot water cylinders in Europe. We manufacture the most efficient products to the highest specification to meet the design requirements faced by consultants and architects. With the precision of our fully automated manufacturing plant, our products are recognised as the benchmark within the industry for quality and design.Advantages of OSO Hotwater products OSOs Super Series utilises Titanium Alloy Duplex Stainless Steel. Stronger, more resistant to corrosion and lower weight are key advantages. OSO Eco Foam insulation, integration of valves and insulation around the heating element provide low heat loss.Higher actual volume than most others, low standing heat loss and efficient valve technology results in more hot water.Along with the Titanium Alloy Duplex Stainless Steel, unique welding technology and protection of Heat Affected Zone results in high corrosion resistance.OSO production has minimised its environmental footprint, and the products are manufactured from more than 60% recycled materials.Pressure testing of all products at 2x regular mains water pressure, and quality assurance in all aspects of production.Proven experience with over 3 million units manufactured.The Super SXDiQ is the latest in SMART cylinder technology. It incorporates the unique blending valve which provides 20% extra hot water, with the energy saving benefits of SMART technology.Super Xpress SX: Fully integrated expansion vessel and all connections hiddenpage 248 www.hvindex.comOSO_B2020.indd 1 03/11/2020 14:49'