b'Pre-Fabricated PlantPFPR Room Distribution Systems.some things dont need to be complicatedTwin pump readyHydraulic separatorALL-IN-ONEwith air and dirt separator functionFully insulatedCompact flangedModular zone manifolds (2 and 3shut-off valvescircuits) painted with upstream andepoxy powder coating downstreamRhico DN40/50/65 plant room distribution systems have been designed as a professional alternative to traditional plant roomFor a copy of our new 2020 product installations. The unique modular plug and play system makesbrochure, please contact us:-for fast and easy installation with a significant reduction in labour costs. The system is the first of its type to support twin headed pumps benefiting from higher reliability and increased efficiency. Fully insulated and aesthetically pleasing, the DN40/50/65 ensures continuity and a professional finish across all project types. Wide range of options - DN40, DN50, DN65T: 0800 975 0795Modular system - adaptable for any type of projectFully insulated and ready for installation E: info@rhico.co.uk Designed for confined spaces (90 curved connection for zonewww.rhico.co.ukmanifolds) Connection of several zone manifolds of different sizes (pumpAviation Business Park, Enterprise Close, group connection reduction kit) Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6NXCan be used with both single and twin headed pumpspage 250 www.hvindex.comPFPR A4 v1.indd 1 04/03/2020 10:10RHICO_PFPR_A2020.indd 1 03/11/2020 14:49'