b'Maximise HeatNetwork Efficiency SATK32 HEAT INTERFACE UNITThe SATK32 Series of HIUs features a sophisticated, multifunctional operating system, that offers incincreased flexibility for the tenant, whilst protecting C from network inefficiency M and failure.Y Manufactured by Caleffi, CM its advanced electronicMY features include:CYModbus input/outputCMY for remote commissioning K and diagnostics Integral room controller Return temperature limitation Primary flow rate limitation Configurable preheat T: 01785 218200 E: specifications@altecnic.co.ukaltecnic.co.ukaltecnicltd/ altecnic/ company/altecnic/page 252 www.hvindex.comALTECNIC_A2021.indd 1 04/06/2021 12:35'