b'HEAT PUMPS - for Commercial- Integral Controls THERMAL STORES - Buffer Tanks Solar Pump Stations & Accessories High Temperature Units -+ 65 c 0 GEOTHERMAL (deep bore) GROUND SOURCE SYSTEMS Largest number of multiple units Largest Unit capacity - kW AIR SOURCE Reverse Cycle AIR SOURCE Heating Optimised WATER to WATER WATER to AIR AIR to AIR AIR to WATER HEATING1.06 GAS HEAT PUMPS THERMAL STORES See alsoHeat Pumps, Air Conditioning: Section 1.05Controls: Sections 4.01 & 4.02Dehumidi\x1fers: Section 2.16l\x03= Manufacturer or main UK supplierQ\x03= Distributor re-sellerRenewables: HEAT PUMPS - HEATINGW\x03= Rental / Hire serviceQ 8 250 Q Q Q Q Q 1st SYSTEMS See page 80 & 106200 l l l l AIREDALE INTERNATIONAL See page 8 & 87l l l ALTECNIC See page 254ANDREWS WATER HEATERSl Baxi Heating UK See page 244 l l FERROLI See page 1993 150 l l l l FUJITSU GENERAL AIR CONDITIONING (UK) LTD See page 34l 4 246 l l l l l GREE UK See page 44l 32 4064 l l l l l l HITACHI See page 89l l l l l INTATEC See page 24 & 262l l l l l 64 4686 l l l l l l KLIMA-THERM See page 40 & 102l 64268.8 l l l l l l LG ELECTRONICS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS See page 46 & 52l l l 16 60 l l l l l l MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC - ECODANSee page 16 & 17l 4 252 l l l l PANASONIC See page 22 & 45Q SCHWANK See page 20 & 266l l l l SWEGON See page 79 & BACK COVERVALVES INSTRUMENTS PLUSQ Q Q Q QSee page 256 & 276l l l l l l 5 240 l l l l VIESSMANN See page 12 & 194l l l l l l 8 600 l l l l l l YANMAR ENERGY SYSTEM EUROPE GMBHSee page 43page25A20_01_v4.indd 5 17/04/2020 16:24'